Big/ Little Reveal

Hello! AJ Cutler here. I am currently the VP PR and Marketing. It's been a long time coming, but here we are: updating our blog! We are excited to start new posts about our chapter. Stay tuned weekly for updates on events, sisters, and chapter.

Now for our first post back!!!

This Friday was BIG LITTLE REVEAL!!!!

The whole week was pretty funny watching the new members get their clues and just be so confused about who their big was. There were some laughter and some tears, but we are so excited to announce our new big little pairs: 

Kennedi and Michala


Becky and Autumn (littles) and Amanda (big)! 

Yes! There was a set of twins! SO excited for families to grow (: 

Taylor and Ashli

Nadia and Tawni 

Amberley and Corryn 

(twin Ariana also pictured)

Hailey and Delaney!

 Guys, this one was so cute. Delaney is currently in Mexico for a vacation, so she made a video for the VP new member assistant to play in place of Delaney. Seriously. It was cute. Props to Delaney for having such a creative reveal! 

Natalie and Jessica 

Ashley and Monica 

Madi and Kenzie


Natalie and Coree

Madison and Hannah

AXΩ Beta Xi Alumna Spotlight - Laura Fidler

One of the most rewarding things about the sisterhood of sororities is the friendship that can transcend generations. Once you're an Alpha Chi, you're always an Alpha Chi. Recently one of our active members had the chance to meet with an Alumna member and interview her for a spotlight. Below are her paraphrased responses to our spotlight questions.

Where did you grow up?
Montpelier, Idaho.

What is your favorite food?
Outside of chocolate, sushi.

What has changed since you were in college?
Laura said that the biggest thing that has changed since she was in college has to be technology. She remembers how in the AXO house there was one house phone out in the hallway and how if you needed to work on a computer you would have to walk to the library.

What is your favorite memory of AXO?
A favorite memory of Alpha Chi was living in the house, because it was always a hub of activity and there was always something happening.

What came after AXO and college for you?
After college, Laura worked in Salt Lake City before getting married, having kids, and then later obtaining her real estate license. 

What’s something you've been really excited about lately?
Laura is excited to travel, and she will soon be visiting her daughter who is living in Washington, DC this summer.

How has being a parent changed you?
It has given her unimaginable and unbelievable love; and taught her how to be completely selfless.

What are your dreams for your children?
To be healthy and happy above all else, and that she can provide a foundation for them to do whatever they want and whatever they dream in life. Especially because her children's generation is more apt to choose to follow there dreams, and the boundaries between them and what they wish to achieve have been lessened since Laura was their age.

Do you have any favorite stories about your kids?
Laura didn't have any specific stories, but she has especially loved to watch them learn, grow, and form their own opinions. She has loved watching them on their journey and continues to wish that they conquer the world and do what they love.

How did you meet your husband?
Laura met her husband when they realized they had mutual friends while she was at work, they then ended up playing on a co-ed softball team together.

Do you have any favorite memories about your husband?
All of Laura's favorite memories of her husband come from when they're traveling together, because it's sort of an escape from reality and day-to-day life.

Who are your heroes or inspirations?
Ellen DeGeneres, because of her amazing kindness and the service she always is involved with for others.

What is the best advice you can give someone or that you have received?
To never stop pursuing your dreams and to not let people dissuade you from working towards them.

How would you like to be seen or remembered?
Laura would like to be seen as a good friend, someone who is enjoyable to be around, and someone who had a positive influence. She would like to be seen as someone who puts service to others and others needs before herself.

What has AXO meant for you in your life?
In college Alpha Chi was a safety-net for Laura, there was always someone there for whatever you needed, and it also meant good friends. After college it means lifelong friendships, yearly dinners with sisters, and ties with a great organization that supports women.

"Before I met with Laura to interview her, I was terrified. She was the first alumna member I would meet and I felt like a meddling kid interrupting her adult life. But as soon as we started talking, I knew that I had no reason to be nervous. Laura was so sweet and probably asked me as many questions about myself as I asked her! It was so awesome to have someone I had never met previously take such a genuine interest in my life. She truly has a kind soul. I came away from our interview feeling like I could take on the world, and even more excited about my dreams. I am so grateful that this sisterhood gives me the opportunity to have an immediate connection with women like Laura, it's an opportunity Greek life presents that I had never realized before rushing." - Alex Bullock

ΑΧΩ Beta Xi Sister Spotlight - Alli Stassel

What are you studying?
I'm currently undeclared, but I'm thinking about majoring in environmental science!

Where are you from?
I was born and raised Anchorage, Alaska. It's probably the prettiest place I've ever been.

What is your favorite food?
I have an obsession with grilled sandwiches. I'm always down for a Morty's grilled cheese.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
I really just love having a good time and adventuring with my friends.

Who is someone special in your life right now?
Probably my best friend Beka. She always encourages me to be the best I can be and never fails to make me laugh.

What's something most people don't know about you?
I'm an open book about most things. There isn't really a thought that I don't end up sharing with someone.

Why did you choose USU?
It was kind of a last minute decision for me, but it's really cheap and the campus is gorgeous.

Why alpha chi?
I rushed wanting to be apart of a sisterhood and I felt so at home at alpha chi. It was the obvious choice from the start.

What is the best part of alpha chi?
 The best part of Alpha Chi is all the amazing people I have gotten so close to in the last year. There have been ups and down but It's the best feeling knowing you have so many sisters who have your back.

What is the funniest or embarrassing shareable moment with alpha chi/sisters?
My roommate Kenzie Gunter and I would turn off all the lights in our room and have dance parties when one of us had a bad day, and one time someone walked in and it was really hard to explain to them what was going on. We were rolling around on the floor and it was just kind of awkward.

Special shout out to 3 random sisters that first come to mind today?
My special shout out goes to my perfect Little for always picking up the phone when I call to tell her weird stories, to Sara Arrowood for being one of the kindest souls I've ever met, and to Michaela Crimson, for being so loving and such a great role model!

Who are your heroes or inspirations?
My hero is definitely my dad. He is an engineer, a commercial fisherman, and the best father I could have ever asked for. He works harder than anyone I've ever met and helped raise a family of 5, one of them with special needs. He has always inspired me to do my best and tells me that no dream is ever too big or out of reach.

What is the best advice you can give someone or that you have received?
The best advice I've ever received is that it's never too late to change your mind or your future.

How have you changed in the past few years?
I like to think I've grown up a lot in the past few years. I try to worry less about the little things, and focus more on the big picture.

What’s something you’ve been really excited about lately?
I've been planning this 90 day backpacking trip through Europe with Beka, and I'm beyond excited to travel and experience so many countries and meet so many wonderful people!

What does your future hold?
I really don't know what my future holds for me, but I hope I end up doing something that makes me happy and surrounded by people that I love. I think that is the best type of future there is.

What sisters have to say about Alli:

"Of all of the girls at Alpha Chi, Alli has always stood out to me as someone that knows the true spirit of what it means to be a real, strong woman. She has this incredible quality of being able to bond with everyone, no matter how much or how little she sees them. I've never felt out of place around Alli. Alpha Chi is our home as sisters and Alli has always made me feel comfortable enough around girls to make that a true statement for me." - Alex Bullock

"Alli is one of the the most selfless and kindhearted people I know. She is always putting others before herself and making everyone around her laugh. She is beautiful inside and out, and I am so lucky to have such an amazing role model as my big. She welcomed me into this sorority with open arms, and I'll forever be grateful for that... now she just needs to come home from Alaska to hang out with me!!" - Paige Whiting (pictured above right)

"Alli is more than just a sister to me, she's my best friend. She's the person that I could go to in the middle of the night crying and she would know exactly what to say and do to make things better. But she's also the person that will go on my crazy wild adventures (and most times she's the voice of reason within my crazy). But all in all she is seriously the most honest and loving person I know. She is one of those people that sees the best in everyone. There has never been a time where she doesn't have a nice thing to say about someone, she's just that kind of person. Alli goes above and beyond in order to make others happy. She's a great example of what an Alpha Chi is and I am so incredibly lucky to have her in my life. I love her so so much and cannot wait to see the adventures that are yet to come. Thanks for being you Alli ❤️ Alli loves alpha chi a lot, you can see it in her face when she's talks about it. You can tell how much she truly cares about her chapter and doing everything she can in order for it to be the best it can possibly be." - Beka Martins (pictured top middle)