Dear Potential New Members

Dear Potential New Members,

The women of the Beta Xi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega are excited to welcome you to Utah State University!  We are thrilled to meet each of you and to share with you why we love USU, Alpha Chi Omega, and Greek life.
Recruitment is an exciting experience and will quickly become one of the most unforgettable memories of your time at USU.  Whether you are nervous or excited, remember that just a short time ago, each of us was in the same spot, feeling the same way.  We are here to guide you and support you through this process.
We all understand that leaving behind friends and family, starting your college career and participating in recruitment can be a bit overwhelming all at once, but we are certain that recruitment will prove to be a rewarding experience.  Plus, joining a sorority will immediately bring you into a family environment full of opportunities to make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.
For those traveling far away, Alpha Chi Omega and Greek life offers you a family away from home that many look for when coming to college. Alpha Chi has provided me with a life-long support of sisters, friends, and caregivers that I know I can count on at any given moment. I have met some of the most amazing women through this chapter and I do not know where I would be, or who I would be, without each and every one of them. Thanks to Alpha Chi Omega, I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing and sincere women who have not only accepted me as an individual with unique personal  interests, but have helped me to change and grow as a person.  Greek life has given me tools to help me succeed as a student and as a person, as well as to push myself to reach my full potential throughout my time at Utah State. No matter what your individual talents and interests are, it is our hope that through recruitment, you will find a home that will support your passions and challenge you to try new things.
We can’t wait to meet all of the amazing women participating in recruitment! We are so excited to invite you to our home and to share Alpha Chi Omega and the Greek community with you.  Enjoy your summer!  We are looking forward to meeting you soon!
Formal sorority recruitment dates: September 3-6th
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