Chapter Retreat and Big Little Love!

Over the weekend new Alpha Chi members got to participate in one of the most beloved sorority traditions: receiving their Big Sisters! All week the new members received various clues as to who their Big could be. Some Bigs played sneaky and tried to throw off their Littles to make the surprise even greater on reveal day.

After, the ladies hopped in cars with their new bigs/littles and took the trip to chapter retreat at a cabin in Bear Lake owned by one of Alpha Chi's Favorite Guys. At retreat sisters bonded with one another and played various games in order to strengthen their sisterhood.

All in all it was a great weekend! And new members get excited, one week until Initiation!!

Excited to get her Big!

Such a cute big/little pair.

Katie and her new twins, Haley and Sariah.

Big Little Matching!


Every semester the women of Beta Xi put on a fabulous philanthropy event. This past September, the Alpha Chi ladies hosted their famous Alphatraz event.

The event goes to support CAPSA, and to raise awareness about Domestic Violence against women. Each fall semester Alpha Chi sells "warrants" for students to throw their friends into jail. In order for the students to get out of the jail cell, they have to achieve a "bail". Each warrant requests the participants to raise at least $10.

"Prisoners" are given a cup that they need to fill by getting passing students to donate. Students get creative on ways to earn bail. This past year some of the favorites were: twerking, offering dates, and singing.

At the end of the event, the ladies of Beta Xi were excited to announce that they raised over $2,000 for CAPSA.

The money will go to a scholarship for a re-entry student who has been a victim of domestic violence.

Alpha Chi sisters and Sigma Chi brothers in the jail.

"Help us out!"

Spare change?

Cute sisters helping withe the event!

The party doesn't stop for Founder's Day!

On October 15, 1885 seven women founded the women's fraternity, Alpha Chi Omega. Since then hundreds of thousands of women have joined Alpha Chi and have partaken in the beloved ritual. College women and alumnae alike have worn the lyre with pride, and grew a new affection for the color combination of scarlet and olive. Ladies across the nation learned to seek the heights and to lean on each other. We have made it our mission to protect one another with our philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness.

Our sorority is more than just theme parties, Greek week, crafting, Kate Spade, and Lilly Pulitzer. Alpha Chi is our bond. It's the laughter at two in the morning, it's the crying with each other after a bad breakup, it's the love between a big and a little, the friendships that can never be severed. For Alpha Chi we celebrate October 15 because it has brought us so much joy into our lives. Our sorority has never changed us, it simply brought out the women we were always meant to be.

So Happy Birthday Alpha Chi Omega, 128 has never looked so good.

Beta Xi sisters Marley and Lindsey celebrating Founder's Day

Along with celebrating Alpha Chi's Birthday we also celebrated our three new favorite guys: Travis Kolupanowich, Dalton Wilson, and John Stankiewicz. We adore these boys and appreciate all that they do for the chapter. Welcome to the Beta Xi family gentlemen. We love you!