Every semester the women of Beta Xi put on a fabulous philanthropy event. This past September, the Alpha Chi ladies hosted their famous Alphatraz event.

The event goes to support CAPSA, and to raise awareness about Domestic Violence against women. Each fall semester Alpha Chi sells "warrants" for students to throw their friends into jail. In order for the students to get out of the jail cell, they have to achieve a "bail". Each warrant requests the participants to raise at least $10.

"Prisoners" are given a cup that they need to fill by getting passing students to donate. Students get creative on ways to earn bail. This past year some of the favorites were: twerking, offering dates, and singing.

At the end of the event, the ladies of Beta Xi were excited to announce that they raised over $2,000 for CAPSA.

The money will go to a scholarship for a re-entry student who has been a victim of domestic violence.

Alpha Chi sisters and Sigma Chi brothers in the jail.

"Help us out!"

Spare change?

Cute sisters helping withe the event!

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