Big/ Little Reveal

Hello! AJ Cutler here. I am currently the VP PR and Marketing. It's been a long time coming, but here we are: updating our blog! We are excited to start new posts about our chapter. Stay tuned weekly for updates on events, sisters, and chapter.

Now for our first post back!!!

This Friday was BIG LITTLE REVEAL!!!!

The whole week was pretty funny watching the new members get their clues and just be so confused about who their big was. There were some laughter and some tears, but we are so excited to announce our new big little pairs: 

Kennedi and Michala


Becky and Autumn (littles) and Amanda (big)! 

Yes! There was a set of twins! SO excited for families to grow (: 

Taylor and Ashli

Nadia and Tawni 

Amberley and Corryn 

(twin Ariana also pictured)

Hailey and Delaney!

 Guys, this one was so cute. Delaney is currently in Mexico for a vacation, so she made a video for the VP new member assistant to play in place of Delaney. Seriously. It was cute. Props to Delaney for having such a creative reveal! 

Natalie and Jessica 

Ashley and Monica 

Madi and Kenzie


Natalie and Coree

Madison and Hannah

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