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Your Gift Today, Strengthens Our Sisterhood Tomorrow.
Alpha Chi Omega is a non profit organization that works toward bettering the lives of women across the nation. 
Becoming an Alpha Chi Omega is to become a woman with purpose and determination.
While one of this organization main focuses is on helping other philanthropy's, we do not forget about helping the many women who are involved in our own philanthropy. This is why we have the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.
The foundation Works to keep Alpha Chis, young and old, happy and healthy. Without the foundation we would not be able to have the amazing collegiate and alumnae experience that we do. 

The Foundation is currently on a journey to raise 7 million dollars toward the Alpha Chi Omega Experience. At the 2012 National Convention, the foundation announced that they were 6 million dollars into their goal.
With only 1 million dollars left toward the "For Now For Ever" campaign, we look forward to the advancements Alpha Chi Omega will posses because of the Foundation.

AXO's 2014 Current Fundraiser

Alpha Chi Omega
Beta Xi Chapter

The Beta Xi Chapter, Alpha Chi Omega house
now and a historical image of its construction between 1945-1950.

This house was the backdrop for many of my happiest college memories.  I was recently thinking of moments with my sisters… gathering in the kitchen at the end of a long day, rallying around a sister who was going through a difficult moment, celebrating new members and initiates into our sisterhood.  This house played a pivotal part of my college experience.

Our House Corporation has identified much-needed, major updates to the house. There are several projects that need to happen to keep our house safe and livable such as rewiring, plumbing, insulating and reconfiguring living space.  Prior updates to the house have been cosmetic in nature; we are now at a time where the mechanical/electrical/plumbing updates are critical. There are currently two options on the table.  One option is to make the necessary updates to the house with money raised from donations and collected from rent.  Another option is to replace the house with a mixed-use building that has a separate space/common area for Alpha Chi’s only and separate student housing on upper levels of the building.  I would love to opt for the former.  I love our house and all of the memories we made here.  I want to reach out to all of you for help in this endeavor.

Here is the list of improvements and their estimated costs:
Re-wire entire house
Tear out and re-configure living/learning space
Repair from electrical demolition (i.e. drywall & paint) & insulation
Replace original plumbing (that has not previously been replaced
when other projects were completed) while walls & ceilings are open


Our deadline for this fundraising effort is December 31, 2014.  To aid our efforts, we have been given the generous offer of a matching gift once donations reach $150,000.  I am optimistic that we will reach this goal together.  There are several ways to help: mailing a check, making a donation through PayPal, subscribing to a quarterly payment, or making a pledge to donate over the course of the next 5 years.  If we could all take a moment to consider the large impact we will make by giving, our donations don’t have to be large to make a difference.  

There are several ways to take action and donate:
  • Checks/Money Orders
Make a check/money order out to Alpha Chi Omega Beta Xi House Corporation and mail to ~
Sherrie Westin Rees, Treasurer
                        1144 East Castlecreek Drive
Holladay, UT  84117

  • PayPal/Credit Cards
Click on the hyperlink to be directed to PayPal.  You may either sign in and donate through your PayPal account or click on the “Continue” link to utilize your credit card.

PayPal Account Address ~

  • Email Pledge
If you would like to make a pledge, which would be realized within the next five years, please email Sarah Barker Tucker, Fundraising Chair, at

  • Donate in Honor of a Sister
Honor a sister by making a donation in her name.  Send a donation using any of the above forms and note who you would like to honor.  We will send a note to inform them that they are an honoree!  This is the perfect way to show appreciation for the sisters who have made an impact on your life as well as help the future of the house.

*Please note on any of the above forms if you do not want to be recognized for your donation.

We have all received so much from Alpha Chi and our sisters; now is the time to pay forward these experiences by making a better home for our future sisters, now is the time to give. Alpha Chi Omega has afforded me friendships that have spanned over several years and great distances.  Even though our lives are very different now, we share the common bond of sisterhood that will continue well into the future.

Love and Loyalty,
Sarah Barker Tucker

Beta Xi House Corporation Fundraising Chair