Symbols of Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi Omega

"Together let us seek the heights." 
Alpha Chi Omega was originally founded as a musical sorority at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana on October 15, 1885. It was here that our founding sisters: Anna Allen, Olive Burnett, Bertha Deniston, Amy DuBois, Nellie Gamble, Bessie Grooms and Estelle Leonard, began Alpha Chi Omega.Our founders chose the name Alpha Chi Omega to show that we would forever be the first and last musical sorority. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and Omega is the last, signifying the meaning behind the name. A few years after our founding, the requirement to be part of the school of music was dropped, but an appreciation of the fine arts has continued as part of our heritage.

Our chapter was founded on May 18, 1934.

To be a member of Alpha Chi Omega, you must exemplify our five membership standards. Those standards are:  leadership, academics, character, personal development and financial responsibility. 

Our Badge - The Lyre

The Lyre of Alpha Chi Omega was chosen by our founders after much research. James G. Campbell (an undergraduate member of Beta Theta Pi, who acted as librarian for DePauw's School of Music) made numerous drawings of possible badge designs. The one they decided upon was the replica of the harp because it stayed true to their musical interest. The founders were also delighted to find that according to Greek mythology the first instrument played by the gods on Mt. Olympus was a lyre! The original badge was purchased by founder Bertha Deniston and is in the Fraternity archives at Headquarters.

Our Coat of Arms

The coat of arms includes a square shield, a crest, and a scroll. The shield is red, cut by a bar of olive green. The first section of the shield displays an open book in gold; at the base is a sheaf of wheat, also in gold. The bar has three white stars. The crest, a lyre bird, is in its natural color. The scroll at the bottom bears the Greek translation of our open motto, “Together let us seek the heights.”

Our Flower - Red Carnation

Alpha Chi Omega's flower is the red carnation, exemplifying the Fraternity's colors.

Our Colors - Scarlet Red and Olive Green

Alpha Chi Omega's colors of olive green and scarlet red were chosen to commemorate the Fraternity’s autumn founding in Greencastle, Indiana.

Our Symphony

The symphony of Alpha Chi Omega was written by Celia McClure (Delta Chapter: Allegheny College) in 1914.

To see the beauty even in the common things of life,
To shed the light of love and friendship round me;
To keep my life in tune with the world that I shall make no discords in the harmony of life;
To strike on the lyre of the universe only the notes of happiness, of joy, of peace;
To appreciate every little service rendered;
To see and appreciate all that is noble in another, be her badge what it may, and
To let my lyre send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, sincerity.
This is to be my symphony.