Our Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness

We work towards creating a year-long conversation against domestic violence and sexual assault. 

1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in college. 

We are working to decrease this statistic by raising awareness through events and fundraisers. 

Throughout the year, we hold numerous events that benefit the victims of domestic violence. We also promote resources on the Utah State campus and in Cache Valley. 

Organizations we donate time and money to: 

CAPSA is the local women's shelter in Cache Valley. They provide counseling, housing, and resources to victims of domestic violence. 

SAAVI is an on-campus counseling and resource center for students at Utah State that have been affected by sexual assault. 

Events to watch for:

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We hold events, such as donation drives and awareness booths, during the month of October. We also have a Philanthropy Week during October, where we have events every day of a week to engage in the Cache Valley community,  Greek Community and campus. 

Healthy Relationships Week 

During February, usually around Valentine's Day, we commit to continuing the conversation for prevention against domestic violence and sexual assault by promoting healthy relationships. We commit the whole week to strengthening relationships with sisters, as well as inform others on the Utah State Campus how to keep relationships from turning abusive. 

Check our Facebook for our past events, as well as any events coming up soon! 

Learn more about Domestic Violence Awareness from Alpha Chi Omega here