Why Sorority Life

Sorority Life At Utah State 

              Sororities are values based organizations. We are founded on academic excellence, community service, personal development, financial responsibility, character development, and leadership.

Check out a couple reasons why our sisters joined sorority life and have loved it since:

"Not only did I want social interactions, but I wanted connections. And I got them. My two jobs have been possible through connections I've had with sisters that gave me references!"
AJ Cutler- VP PR and Marketing 

"Alpha Chi Omega helped me become a stronger woman. I cannot help but to give credit, where credit is due. Often times as young adults we feel lost and we need someone to help us remember why we started our journey. Alpha Chi Omega has given me that everyday during my college career. If you ask people that know me I have always "had it together" but the truth is I haven't. What I have had is a sisterhood that guides me to be the best version of myself. Being a Sorority Woman has given me the ability to stand for something greater than a diploma. I've had the opportunity to make a difference in the life of not only my 100 chapter sisters but 500 Greek students on my campus. It's given me experiences and opportunities that are beyond what I could have had alone. I am so excited to see what I can do to further my joint mission with Alpha Chi Omega. Thank you to Alpha Chi Omega for making me a Real. Strong. Woman. today and for many years to come" Monica Esparza VP Risk Management, Order of Omega President

"I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by real strong women"- Cortni Chandler- Asst. Finance

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